What our customers are saying
These are good socks Bought for the awesome design and thought they were a bit pricey for socks, but whatever. OMG. These are the most comfy and cozy socks EVER! Will most likely buy more.
— Lisa S.
I bought them for a gag gift but I'm very happy about the quality as well. This is not my first Groovy Things sock purchase so I knew they were good socks. I normally stumble across them in stores but needed to find some for a guy and had to search online. They came very quickly, which was also a plus
— Tina L.
I love these socks, and the other socks, that I bought at this store. People want to know where I bought them and I referred them to Groovy Things. Lets me be undercover snarky without others knowing, unless I want them to know. Makes my day a little better.
— Adrienne D.
these socks have plenty of stretch and fit great. No loose ends to catch toes. I love the unique sayings. I already ordered more.
— Pamela M.
10/10 great socks and great quality, even had troubles with the post office and groovy things quickly helped resolve the issue !
— Alexis R.
I love these socks really I bought them as a gimmick but slowly found out that these are one of my favorite socks they stay there shape and the shrink back like new when washed and dried. I’m looking for more Rn!!!!
— Gabby